My PA Life

So now you know how I got to PA school, but what has life looked like since then?

My first job out of PA school was in Emergency Medicine. It was a specialty I LOVED in school– the fast pace and variety had me hooked from the beginning. I loved procedures and wanted to suture every laceration, I&D every abscess, and reduce every fracture. But something was missing. After a few months I realized that I really missed developing that personal patient relationship that makes medicine so special.

So, what’s a girl to do? One of the best things about the PA field is the ability to change specialties and be flexible. I thought surgery would be a great option for me because it was also a fast paced, procedure driven field, but had the potential to grow relationships and care for patients long term.

I decided to dive headfirst and take the plunge into this career change by pursuing a post graduate fellowship in plastic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Let me tell you, completing a post graduate PA fellowship was the best professional choice I’ve ever made (okay 2nd best choice, after deciding to become a PA).  I trained at the Cleveland Clinic for one year and have found my professional passion in plastic surgery and reconstruction of all types- whether that be after cancer, trauma, infection, or congenital malformation.

When patients are confronted with a disfiguring or life threatening condition, they place their hope in a well-trained care team ready to restore them back to health, form, and function. As a plastic surgery PA, I not only help facilitate healing after illness or injury, but also have the unique privilege of giving patients back the body they recognize in the mirror. I enjoy walking with patients down this tremendously special road to recovery of body and soul.

My job consists of assisting in the operating room, consults and pre/post operative visits in the clinic, cosmetic injectables, and seeing patients in the hospital. Being a PA is an incredible honor and one that I’m excited to share with all of you!

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