An Open Letter to an Arizona Hospital, Ascend Medical and Zip Recruiter

Last night I came across this job ad online and simply could not believe what I was reading. This is a real ad on, on behalf of Ascend Medical. While it does not state the hospital name, a quick google search verified that there is only one 139 bed hospital in Bullhead City, AZ. As they are not directly named in this ad, I will not list them here. However, they are fairly easy to identify in this small community. They are seeking to hire a Hospitalist for their team. While the link is no longer live (I suspect because they received complaints), I did see this posting on before it was removed. I hope it is fake news, a fake ad, or someone’s idea of a joke gone bad. But even so, I was compelled to respond directly to leadership of the hospital, Ascend Medical, and Zip Recruiter. The letter below has been sent to each respective office, and I will be sharing it here as well. Discrimination has no place here in the 21st century. Please feel free to share if you agree.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I recently came across your job posting for a Hospitalist position in Bullhead City, AZ. It is clear that your hospital is motivated to hire a new Physician, as you cite that the hospital credentialing process will only take 30-60 days, and that you will only accept licensed providers to expedite the start date. What is not clear, is why in your time of need when seeking to attract quality physicians, would you be eager to willfully and publicly discriminate against 50% of the population based on gender alone? Why further would you open yourself to public scrutiny and legal proceedings by leaving nothing to the imagination, and openly stating “women don’t do well here”?

You state that this is “a tough facility and medical staff” as your reasoning for women not thriving in your hospital. What I suspect this really means is that your leaders, likely both medical and administrative, support a culture of overt sexism. It also suggests that you are unwilling to remove these toxic leaders from your organization in order to replace them with contemporary visionaries who seek to build effective medical teams to care compassionately and competently for your patients. What a shame for your community– that their local hospital is willing to compromise their care by supporting this discriminatory culture that is both illegal and detrimental to the community at large.

In all, this job posting proves failures at all levels. I call upon the hospital, Ascend Medical and Zip Recruiter to all reconsider their hiring practices going forward. Perhaps also, you may wish to more closely consider the non-discrimination laws of this country when seeking to hire new staff. And finally, as a first step to restore public trust in your organization, I urge you to issue a public apology and a comprehensive plan to change your organization’s culture moving forward. If these are not acceptable terms for you, I do welcome and urge your resignation so positive change may begin unimpeded.

Yours respectfully,

Kathryn Sidrow

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