Balance in PA Life

It’s no secret- journeying into medicine is hard. It takes over your life and leaves you wondering if you’ll ever have any energy for your family and friends, much less your hobbies and passions. So how do you balance drinking from the fire hose and exuding compassion for your patients, while keeping food on theContinue reading “Balance in PA Life”

Plastic Surgery- Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is probably the most common set of procedures people think of when you say reconstructive surgery. With 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s no wonder why! Breast reconstruction specialists reconstruct the breast after breast cancer. Most people know about implant based reconstruction, but there are so many more waysContinue reading “Plastic Surgery- Breast Reconstruction”

An Open Letter to an Arizona Hospital, Ascend Medical and Zip Recruiter

Last night I came across this job ad online and simply could not believe what I was reading. This is a real ad on, on behalf of Ascend Medical. While it does not state the hospital name, a quick google search verified that there is only one 139 bed hospital in Bullhead City, AZ.Continue reading “An Open Letter to an Arizona Hospital, Ascend Medical and Zip Recruiter”

PA Wednesday!

Check out our very first PA Wednesday contributor, Angie! She’s a pediatrics PA-C in Georgia who graduated last year and has a year of clinical practice under her belt. Read on for a look into her daily life and learn some Pre-PA and PA school tips from a new grad perspective! Tell us a littleContinue reading “PA Wednesday!”

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