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Do you have your sights set on an incredible career as a Physician Assistant? I’m here to help! Wherever you are on the path to becoming a PA, it is always helpful to have a mentor in your corner. Over 100,000 students apply to PA school every year– how will you stand out in the crowd? Your personal statement is your one and only chance to showcase yourself, in your own words, to the admissions committee. Will you stand out, or will your personal statement join the rest of the crowd relegated to the “maybe” pile? I’m passionate about personal statement writing for one, big reason…

I owe my career to my personal statement!

Let those words sink in for a moment. I wouldn’t be here today, a successful surgical PA, without my personal statement. I wasn’t the strongest student in undergrad. I had comparatively limited clinical experience. But my interviewers all noted that my personal statement stood out and thus, they just HAD to meet me. Without those 500 words, I wouldn’t have landed a spot at my #1 choice PA school.

So let’s do this together. Of course, I cannot write your personal statement for you. But, I can help you develop your story, showcase your strengths, and help make you the irresistible applicant that admissions committees are just dying to meet.

Personal statement review- $50.  This review goes far beyond spelling and grammar. I carefully evaluate your personal statement for content, transitions, imagery, and other elements that really make your words come to life on the page. This option is ideal for applicants who are fairly confident in their writing ability but would like a thorough professional evaluation of their personal statement before applying.

Each additional personal statement review-$30. I use the same time and care in each subsequent edit that I do the first time I read your writing. In fact, I love doing multiple edits on a personal statement so we can see this project through to the end, together!

Comprehensive, unlimited reviews-$150. With this package, we aren’t finished until YOU are satisfied with your personal statement. I will work hand in hand with you until your personal statement reflects the essence of you as an applicant and future PA-C.

Expedited service- $50. All personal statements will be returned within 72 hours. Select this add on service if you need edits within 24 hours.

As always, I LOVE referrals! I offer a $10 referral bonus to you and a $10 discount to a friend when your friend books with me.

How do we get started?

Drop me a line in the contact section. We’ll decide which package is right for you and get writing right away!

Personal Statement- One time Review


Personal Statement- Subsequent review


Personal Statement- Comprehensive review


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