Whether you are just starting your application process, in school and looking for study resources, or applying for jobs– this page is for you! I’ll be adding downloadable resources for you such as writing worksheets, sample resumes/personal statements, and surgery study materials. If you have an idea or request for content let me know! I’ll be adding new content regularly so make sure you check back for more!

Personal Statements

Need to start your personal statement but have no idea how to start? This worksheet is guaranteed to get you some fantastic ideas for your personal statement!

Cover Letters & Networking

This worksheet helps to brainstorm ideas for a cover letter or networking introduction. Use these questions to consider what experience you have and how that experience makes you the perfect candidate for your next role.

Resume- New Grad

Are you a new grad unsure how to structure your resume? Here’s a copy of mine, I have removed some identifying information, but the overall content and flow is there. Check it out!

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