Resumes and Cover Letters

Are you a new grad ready to apply for your first job? Or a current PA getting ready for a new opportunity? Just as your personal statement was your voice to PA school admissions, your cover letter and resume will be your first introduction to your future employers. In fact, these are even MORE important than your personal statement because unlike your school applications, job applications rarely ask for your GPA, volunteer experience, or other merits. So your chances for an interview are often entirely riding on your resume and cover letter.

Rather than plugging in your information into a generic word template and hoping for the best, let’s together design a resume that showcases your strengths, highlights your talents, and seamlessly displays how you’ll fit into the fabric of your new work home.

Resume Building/Editing

This package covers initial design and review of your resume.


The great thing about resumes is that you can make relatively minor tweaks for each job you apply for. Unfortunately this is just not the case for cover letters. Every cover letter has to be tailored perfectly for the job you are applying for because in essence, your cover letter is a personal letter and first conversation with a potential new employer. The importance of this letter cannot be underestimated and could make or break your chances for an interview.

This is an enormous task if you’re applying for just one or two jobs, but consider that most new grads apply to 20 or 30 jobs, or even more! Essentially you have to write a new, comprehensive essay for every job you intend to apply to.

Cover Letter Review

A thorough review of your cover letter for spelling, grammar, and content. I'll also work with you to ensure your letter strongly conveys your interest and intention to pursue this new opportunity. $30 for subsequent edits


Cover Letter and Resume Bundle

This bundle customizes your resume and cover letter, targeting a specific job or market.


Multiple Letter Package

This package includes comprehensive, unlimited reviews of up to 20 cover letters for your job search. This is ideal for new grads or career changers going after multiple opportunities in competitive markets, who want to stand out in the crowd.


Expedited Service

Select this add on service if you need edits within 24 hours.


All resumes and cover letters are returned within 72 hours unless expedited service is added. Hit me up in the contact section so we can choose the package right for you and get you on the road to interviews!

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