Balance in PA Life

It’s no secret- journeying into medicine is hard. It takes over your life and leaves you wondering if you’ll ever have any energy for your family and friends, much less your hobbies and passions. So how do you balance drinking from the fire hose and exuding compassion for your patients, while keeping food on theContinue reading “Balance in PA Life”

So you want to be a PA?

Congrats, you’re interested in joining one of the fastest growing career fields in the US.  According to the US Department of Labor, physician assistant jobs are projected to grow by a whopping 31% is the next 10 years. With a median salary of $108K annually (as of 2018), job security and a six figure incomeContinue reading “So you want to be a PA?”

My path to PA life

Many pre-PA students are overwhelmed with the process of getting into PA school–and it’s no wonder given that prerequisite courses, health care experience and essay prompts vary from school to school. Applying to PA school can feel like a full time job that is daunting for both traditional students tackling a full academic load, andContinue reading “My path to PA life”

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